Would you like to Learn Spanish with a native teacher?

Learn more about Latin American culture through tailor-made classes with a native professor.

Culture and tradition

Get to know more about Latin American people while learning the intricacies of this Latin language.

Time Saving

You can take your lessons at any moment during the day, wherever you are and with a qualified teacher online.

Personalized Lessons

Set your own learning goals flexibly with your tutor. You have the freedom to choose from 1 to 30 hours of training in Spanish, per month. 


Our courses are aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), so you will progressively advance and be promoted to a higher level after completing 90 hours of training,  approximately.

Choose your plan

Lite Plan

If you are about to travel or have an important presentation at work or university , this plan is for you. During these 6 hours we will develop a mini-course with a very specific and short term purpose for you to reach it. This plan is recommended if you have an intermediate or advanced Spanish level. The pack includes 5 hours to be scheduled within 30 days.
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Basic Plan

With this course you will be able to achieve medium or long term goals. Even if you have little time, we can define a reasonable weekly intensity for you to start your learning process, to practice or just reinforce your English language skills. The pack includes 10 hours to be scheduled within 30 days.
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Intensive Plan

This is a great option to learn in a fast and an effective way. If your goal is to advance at a good pace to achieve a better level in a short period of time, this course is for you. Remember that the higher the intensity and the more time you practice, the better results you will get. The pack includes 25 hours to be scheduled within 60 days.
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